My Qualifications and
Work Experience.

I am a qualified Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in Management Studies. My work as a psychologist has allowed me to positively impact hundreds of lives with hope and daily inspiration. These experiences inspired me to write the book ‘Living Stones’ ...Psychological and Spiritual Insights to inspire, renew and heal your life”


I have also worked as a Trainer, teaching personal leadership and management skills, which allowed me a unique insight into corporate life. This led me to working for four years in a global multinational company in the human resources and communications fields. This experience allowed me to have the subjective experience on the inner workings and challenges of corporate life. I now fully understand and can assist individuals facing the challenges and stresses of working in high performance workplaces.


Perspective Life Challenges

I believe that hidden in every life challenge is the opportunity to grow and strengthen yourself as an individual. The path of life can often be unpredictable but each of us can learn skills so that no matter what comes our way we can strength our capacity to manage and overcome these issues.



Inspiration ...

"One can never change

the past, only the hold

it has on you."

Merle Shain