The old fashioned English word steadfast means:‘loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable, true, and constant'. When we are steadfast about a person, relationship or issue; it means that we are dutifully firm and unwavering! Isn't that a wonderfully comforting and secure location?

I recently counseled a very anxiety stricken and obsessive woman who was filled with many fears about her life and that of her two adult children. She too was steadfast in making everyday a living nightmare - culminating in her inability to leave the safe confines of her home. She feared the fate of her children should she die. She feared the possibility that her boss was going to fire her due to her recurrent absenteeism. She also feared that someone would attack and harm her children on the way to university. The list was negatively steadfast.

Much of our therapy sessions focussed on the need to realize how little we really control. Her life was filled with many worries that were beyond human control. The most she could do each day was pray for her children and hand them over to the divine and never ending protection of our God. There is no other way to navigate the myriad of obstacles that all of us confront during the course of a single day.


  1. Today, remember that the steadfast love of our Lord never ceases. His mercies are new every morning and great is His Faithfulness

Written by Dr Rani Samuel
Clinical Psychologist