Understanding Sexuality

All of my patients struggle in the area of sexuality. When they are depressed sex is often the first to leave and the last to return. It is often the subject of guilt, shame and insecurity - yet they wish to have a space to freely speak about this most naturally occurring human experience. Although it is no less important than eating, thirst, breathing or waking; there seems to be an ominous, secretive spotlight in this area of life that seeks to shame the individual.

It was therefore quite refreshing to hear the international speakers at the Annual Sexual Medicine conference speak so openly about their patients' dilemmas around sexuality. The first speaker shared that people often have sex for one of six reasons: reproduction, pleasure, to relieve tension, power, intimacy or payment. This was a rather interesting way to examine the concept and he encouraged us to ask every patient this all important question. In this way we could all better understand their motivations and concerns (as well as our own).

God is not the sex police. He made sex so that we could enjoy another dimension of relationship. Like all human experiences, sexuality too is a journey of discovery and expression. It would be more than worthwhile to seek the creator to guide this path in your life.


  1. Today understand that sex is well understood by your creator and you can go to Him with your confusion and concerns.

Written by Dr Rani Samuel
Clinical Psychologist