It is not easy to become a patient. That is because when you are sick you feel miserable, afraid, alone and vulnerable. It has been said that doctors make the worst patients. The young doctor before me was no different. She knew she needed the therapy but resisted every deep question asked. Her answers were vague, monosyllabic and punctuated with cautious eye contact. It was no easy task to tell me her life story. But for her to heal, she had to let me in - she had to be vulnerable. So we decided to start at the beginning of her life and trust me chapter by chapter until we got to the present day crisis.

Vulnerability is the only way one human being authentically connects with another. It is not a weakness but instead it is about being totally invested in every stage of life. In my work I see the bravery of wounded souls. Vulnerability is when they say: 'Doc, I don't want to live anymore' or 'Doc, I am surrounded by people but plagued by loneliness'. It actually is a sacred moment and needs to be handled with respect and sensitivity.

Vulnerability also opens the door to human connection and healing. Many of us have seen the pictures of Jesus on the cross. His beaten, bruised body is often artistically captured with his private areas covered by a loin cloth. The reality probably was that there was no loin cloth. He was possibly completely naked on the cross. A picture of complete vulnerability. This was the only way to connect with the Father. It is the only way you can have a close intimate relationship with God - the place of healing, rest and restoration.


  1. Is it time to lay down your armour and be more fully seen with God and those that love, care and nurture you?

Written by Dr Rani Samuel
Clinical Psychologist