Stepping Stones to Emotional Healing

This book is for anyone seeking a new pathway through their challenging life circumstances so that it may lead to a new beginning.  Within the pages of this book lies intentional ways you can begin to take the next step on your own path toward healing.


Dr Samuel’s practical pointers and touching stories of patients who have gone through their own healing journeys, identify workable tools that were crucial to her patients’ success.


Through personal reflection questions and action steps provided within, your journey to emotional healing can begin now.


Book available on Amazon (Kindle Edition), iTunes & Office (031 201 0492)




Living Stones

Life Affirming Stories sprinkled with spiritual principles. Written from real life stories with a special section to understand what you could learn from every positive story.


This is a book about giving ourselves permission to believe again, feel again and dream again. It is replete with personal experiences of individuals who decided to make fresh, more significant choices for their lives. Reading these stories will give you a positive opportunity to transform and impact your own life.


“By skillfully employing the art of story telling she succinctly
communicates life truths in practical ways appealing
to people at every level of society. This inspiring and motivating collection of daily readings provides a waterhole, integral for one’s psychological and spiritual upliftment''


Thamo Naidoo


Copies of ‘LIVING STONES’ are available directly from our offices.





Inspiration ...

And you will hear a voice

behind you, saying ..
'This is the path.

Walk ye in it'

Isaiah 30.21

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