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Inspiring Books

Everything is given to you in Seed form.
Nurture it, See it blossom – Dr.Rani Samuel

They say the right book
can shift your destiny.

From my early days of school, I was
enchantingly home in the world of words –
reading and writing was my sanctuary. Long
letters to friends, short stories, poems,
academic papers and eventually books were

A sense of journey
Is embroidered
On every soul


A Time To Heal

A Time to Heal’ is a personal invitation
to embark on a journey from Brokenness to Wholeness.

A TIME TO HEAL is a ‘seed of healing’ and starting-point to begin your inner restorative journey.
• This Workbook offers a structured, biblical roadmap to help you move beyond the pain of trauma towards a place of wholeness and restoration.
• As you engage with the chapters and companion podcasts, you will experience a renewed sense of divine destiny and an opportunity for a profound healing of wounds that have held you back for years.
• Delve into carefully crafted, reflection exercises that gently guide you through the layers of your trauma – unravelling the knots that bind you to the past.

Your journey starts now. Walk forward with hope.


In Search Of Daniel

In Search of Daniel is a captivating chronicle of forgiveness and hope.

Strapping young Daniel discovers a devastating family secret on his eighteenth birthday. As his life spirals out of control, he embarks on a journey of healing from the mountain slopes of Cape Town to the heart of Rwanda and the ancient cities of Israel.

Enjoy this story of an adventurous young man and hope found.


Living Stones

A Devotional of healing journeys, of patients who gave themselves
permission to heal and live again.

Living Stones is replete with touching stories of individuals who decided to make fresh, more significant choices for their lives. Reading their chronicles will give you inspiration and encouragement for your own healing journey. Through the personal reflection questions and action steps provided within, your journey to emotional healing can begin now.

emotional healing

Stepping Stones

This book was inspired by walking alongside patients in deep
emotional crisis.

Many look for a pathway through their circumstances, but few can findtheir way out alone. In therapy patients are given the opportunity to
explore ways to work towards emotional healing to find their path to their new beginning.
Stepping Stones to Emotional Healing illustrates twelve intentional processes you can begin to take the next step on your path towards
healing. Practical pointers and poignant stories of patients who have gone through their own journeys, as well as workable tools are revealed.
There are many ‘stepping stones’ unique to each individual’s walk, but it is not always a linear, logical pathway; it is a journey that is often guided by a therapist who helps to identify the next stone on the path. When you identify your next stepping stone and courageously move forward, your life will begin to transform as you begin the next chapter.


The Healing Emporium

An encouraging short story of hope, healing and purpose.

This little book is the story of Claudia-the broken-hearted heroin addict who is on a journey to heal her soul and reconnect to her divine purpose. It is a parable about learning to overcome loss, listening to your heart and following your destiny. The narrative is engaging in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom.


Pebble Stones

The art and craft of psychotherapy relies on asking meaningful healing questions

Every patient has a key question that frustrates, annoys and won’t go away. It’s the pebble in the shoe that wearies and slows the journey. This book is a collection of some of these questions asked by patients in therapy over the many years. It will allow you to answer some of your own hard questions as you continue your own healing journey. Explore and reflect on the questions in this healing guide.