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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is given to you in Seed form.

Nurture it, See it blossom – Dr.Rani Samuel

I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Samuel at her clinical practice.

Unfortunately, Dr. Samuel is not taking any new patients.

I am a journalist/ writer/ interviewer and would like to request an interview with Dr. Samuel.

You are welcome to email us on with more detailed information and she will respond to your request.

I would like to contact Dr. Samuel to be a speaker at our upcoming conference or organisation event.

You are welcome to email us on with more detailed information on your event and she will respond to your request.

Is it okay to download the quotes on the website and social media and turn them into posters to be used in my school/office?

You are welcome to use any of the quotes from her books and social media in your school or workplace on posters or art print. However, they may not be sold for personal or commercial gain.

With regards to Dr. Samuel’s writings, which book should I read first?

Her books are not written in any chronological order. Here are a few guidelines to assist your selection process.

• Her most recent work, A Time to Heal with Dr. Sam Soleyn is a good place to start if you are seeking a guided biblical roadmap to heal your emotional

Living Stones is written as an, inspiring, reflective work with patient stories. It is a favourite with most people and is read more than once.

Stepping Stones is a more practical, step by step guide to use on your healing quest. It offers a structured path and versatile toolkit for emotional

Pebble Stones is a collection of twenty questions asked by patients in therapy over the many years. It will allow you to answer some of your own
hard questions as you continue your own healing journey. Explore and reflect on the questions and answers in this healing guide.

• If you want to enjoy a great novel, read Dr. Samuel’s first major work of fiction. In Search of Daniel is a captivating story that examines the journey
of healing from womb trauma. It is a real page turner.

• If you are looking for a short story with allows you to better understand some of your obstacles on your healing journey – then enjoy this delightful
fable called The Healing Emporium.