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Introspective Podcasts

There is no mistake about the timing of your birth.
You were born in this time, for this time – Dr.Rani Samuel

A calling to the area of emotional healing and spiritual wellness opens a
humbling and reverent space.


1. Be encouraged by the story of Jason, who overcame feelings of rejection and abandonment that plagued him for most of his life.


2. Learn the difference between self inflicted and sacrificial suffering and implement strategies to facilitate your healing process.

Why Me?

3. Gain insight on the ‘Why Me?’ question and give your life journey increased momentum.

Fear of Death

4. Increase your understanding on the greatest of human fears and be released from the anxiety it


5. Learn more about authentic decision making and change the trajectory of your life.


6. Forgiveness is for yourself. Be encouraged by the story of Jordan and his process of letting go of
childhood trauma.

Overcoming Obstacles

7. Be inspired by Natalie who grew up with a life threatening illness and learn from her how to be an active participant in your own unfolding story.


8. Embrace Stillness – The first step in the journey of emotional wellness. Understand the role of Stillness in
overcoming the emotional storm.

A sense of journey
Is embroidered
On every soul